If you are still reading this book than you have decided to build the SEU for your next project as-code. Excellent choice! The first version of your SEU is up and running in 15 minutes.

  1. Download the latest SEU-as-code Archetype distribution from either Bintray or GitHub.

  2. Extract the archive to a custom location and rename the template project directory, e.g. seubase. For optimal isolation, you can use a virtual hard drive (VHD) on Windows or a sparse image disk file for Mac OSX.

  3. Customize the build.gradle file. Adjust the ext configuration section and set the seuRoot directory path and the seuName accordingly.

  4. Adjust the dependencies section and add the desired software packages using the software or home configurations. For a complete list of available packages have a look at the SEU-as-code Package repository or the Bintray repository.

  5. At this point you should add your SEU project to a version control system of your choice.

  6. Finally, open a console and issue the following command to create your SEU: gradlew bootstrapSeu

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